MX Properties, Inc is a US company that had been seeking funding during 2016 for continuous operations and the expansion of its business. The effort to seek out funding was through its sole consultant, Mr John S Diak. Mr Diak specializes in funding organizations through the trade and monetization of commercial paper worldwide. MX began its relationship with Mr Diak in late 2015 and this relationship continues to this day. In November of 2016, MX was finally in a position to receive its initial funding according to Mr Diak. Mr Diak had been working abroad in Lisbon, Portugal for some time and had worked diligently to bring MX Properties' transactions to a final conclusion.

On approximately 16/11/2016, MX Properties received a phone call from John Diak in which he stated that all logistical matters had finally been solved and alas MX would finally receive its funding. however, there was a condition to MX Properties receiving its funding -- that it was required to pay "fees" associated with consummating the transaction. This request / demand according to Mr Diak came from an attorney, Ms Carmen De Souza, who was overseeing the transaction. Mr Diak informed MX Properties, Inc that Ms De Souza made demand that $11000 be paid prior to MX funds being released.

Initially, this demand took MX by total surprise as it had already spent a considerable amount of time, money and effort to receive its funding. Mr John Diak went on to tell MX Properties that Ms De Souza would provide a letter confirming that upon receipt of the $11000, it would receive its funding. So on 16/11/2016, Ms De Souza composed a demand / inducement letter to John Diak stating that upon receipt of the entire $11000, MX Properties, Inc would receive its initial funding in the amount of $5mm EURO. The $5mm EURO was to be the initial amount of the entire transaction. Upon receipt of the letter, MX very promptly wired $11000 to coordinates provided by attorney De Souza.

On 18/11/2016, Carmen De Souza wrote a follow up letter to Mr Diak stating that the "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the 'payments'". After viewing the second letter composed by Ms De Souza, MX Properties, Inc finally felt confident that its long awaited transaction would finally be completed seeing that an attorney and officer of the court had set the conditions for release in writing. 

Several days went by and MX Properties did not receive its "immediate" funding as set forth in Carmen De Souza's 16/11/2016 letter. MX then began contacting Ms De Souza in an attempt to ascertain the status of its funding. Unfortunately attorney De Souza refused to communicate with MX regarding the failure to perform as stated in her letter. Days became weeks and weeks became months without any status updates or communication despite the daily pleas of MX Properties, Inc. As of 31/12/2016, it has been over six weeks since MX, in good faith, wired the demanded $11000 as required by attorney De Souza.

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All that MX Properties, Inc asks is that Ms De Souza, in good faith, bring this entire transaction to conclusion as per her inducement letters. 

As a quick follow-up, MX Properties, Inc has been the recipient of many spiteful emails targeted at the company's credibility. One specific individual even used libelous terms such as "crime" which have absolutely no basis whatsoever. It's been well laid out and documented above and below that MX Properties, Inc acted in complete good faith and totally complied with Carmen De Souza's 16/11/2016 inducement letter. Further, other individuals have also emailed falsehoods that the company strongly refutes. MX cannot in good faith disclose the identity of any of these individuals because they were clearly not named in either of Carmen De Souza's letters. In the end it's purely shameful for anyone to discredit the company in such a disrespectful manner.